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Department of Orthodontics


Primary goal of Department is to take care of patients with dentofacial malocclusions. It requires careful orthodontic approach of patients in all possible segments: starting from diagnostics, different kind of interceptive treatments and finally the construction of orthodontic appliances. 

Certain cases with complicated diagnosis get interdisciplinary treatment in cooperation with other departments of UDCCK. Orthodontic patients in our Department are treated with removable appliances (active, functional and passive ones) as well as with fixed appliances.
The academic staff of Department which provides the orthodontic health care is also involved in all fields of education of students of dentistry. The Department provides three years post graduate studies of Orthodontics for general dentists, which requires additional commitment of all members of personnel. 

Department staff consists of: four orthodontists, four dental assistants and four orthodontic technicians. Staff is also involved in education of students in basic studies.