The history of our Facility, as an initiator and implementer of complex and contemporary activities in education, science and health care, includes three periods of its development.  
The first development period marks its foundation on April 24th, 1975 when the Senior Board of Prishtina University made the decision for the foundation of Stomatology Section as a teaching/learning, scientific and healthcare organization in the domain of stomatology. First practical teaching sessions were held at the laboratory facilities of the Secondary Medical School in Prishtina.  

There were 96 Stomatology physicians employed at the beginnings of Stomatology Section. There was 1 stomatologist per 15.700 inhabitants at the time. 

The Stomatology Section was organized into the following independent units/clinics:
  1. Prosthodontics
  2. Dental Diseases
  3. Oral Diseases
  4. Pedodontics and Preventive Stomatology
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Oral Surgery
  7. Maxillofacial Surgery
  8. Dental and X-Ray Laboratory
  9. Auxilliary

Postgraduate studies were organized in two forms: through Specialty Training in relevant fields of stomatology and Masters Degree courses.

By the time of expulsion from our facilities in the Stomatology Section there were 177 employees, 44 physicians (4 Ordinary Professors, 11 Docents, 20 Assistants, 9 Practitioner Assistants, 29 Dental Laboratory Technicians, 50 Medical Technicians, 15 Administration Employees and 32 Nurses and Auxilliary Employees).

The second development period is featured with working outside the existing facilities.  Inforced measures by the Serbian authorities applied on July 8th, 1990, for the Clinics at the Medical Faculty, and in 1991 for the Stomatology Section, consenquently resulted with the expulsion of Kosovar albanian staff. The Medical Faculty with its Stomatology Section resumed their function on March 1992 with the a cohort of admissions in 1991/92 and continued through March of 1999.  During this difficult period with plethora of obstacles, clinical training in Stomatology was performed in private practices of the teaching staff. The majority of patient intake came from employees in the parallel educational system, from elementary and secondary education, throughout Kosovo, free of charge.  A portion of academic and clinical teaching occurred in the Humanitarian Charity Organiation facility “Mother Tereza”, Prishtina, Kosovo.

The third development period features the return to the public facilities in June 1999.  The Stomatology Department with its Clinics became a constituent part of University Clinical Center in 2003.

An important event for the Stomatology Department occured on October 4th, 2003, when the Ministry of Health promulgated an administrative instruction 12/2003 on the Establishment of the University Dentistry Clinical Center of Kosovo (UDCCK), as an autonomus and independet institution from University Clinical Center.

Today, the institution with its continuously growing, developing and prospering staff, has undertaken further development of stomatology services and stomatology domains, to transform into a contemporary health care, educational and scientific institution in the field of Stomatologjy in Kosovo and provide professional assistance to other stomatology centers in Kosovo, as well as,  liaise with other health care institutions towards joint research, and professional meetings.